Production resources

We have all the means and resources necessary

Our facilities are fully equipped with everything necessary for stainless steel manufacturing. Our skilled employees are masters of genuine handicraft and the ultra-modern technology necessary for controlling today’s equipment. The interplay between man and machine is crucial for success and quality.


Laser cutting

Machines with a cutting capacity of up to 25 mm stainless steel. Connected to an automated storage system for sheet metal.


Deburring and edge rounding

  • Circular vibrator
  • Grinding machine with dry operation







  • Pressbrakes with capacity of bending up to four meters with online and offline programming
  • Cone forming
  • Roll forming
  • Production cell for round products, containing automated rolling machines, automated longitudinal welding and tubeend forming machine



  • TIG and MAG with a number of welding certificates
  • Robot cell for TIG, MAG and plasma welding
  • Collaborative robot for TIG welding
  • Spot welding and seam welding as well as capacitor welding for bolt welding

We are certified to ISO 3834-2 fusion welding standards.



We perform CNC turning, milling and drilling in our high-performance lathes, milling machines and machining centres.


Surface treatment

Our customers see a great advantage in having our own pickling facility with the ability to pickle products in formats up to 3x2x2 m.
We also offer glass ball blasting as well as manual and machine grinding and polishing.


Labeling and control

  • Marking laser
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Material analyzer for fast and non-destructive material identification



Innan en produkt lämnar oss på Furhoffs är det vanligt att vi monterar de detaljer vi har tillverkat med andra delar, så att produkten som lämnar oss är helt eller delvis klar. Vi utför emballering och distribuition av mindre detaljer och tilläggskomponenter, samt märkning och dokumentation om så önskas. Vi finns här för att underlätta våra kunders produktion.