About us

The right quality, high delivery precision and more than a hundred years of experience

At Furhoffs you will find our own products in the plumbing area, our stainless steel interior for restaurants and hospitals etc, our elegant sinks for home enviroment and our contract production in stainless steel. The factory and head office are located in Skövde, Sweden, where the development and manufacturing take place. 

For more information on each of our operations please visit the links below. 


Floor drains and plumbing products

If you can talk about standard products with flexibility, this is what we can offer the plumbing market.

We have a wide range of products, especially for industry, mass caterers, restaurants, hospitals and laboratories, and a great deal of expertise on the products' uses. Our most important product groups are floor drains, wash throughs and urinals. But our product range also includes a large number of additional products for the plumbing area.

To Floor drains and plumbing products (link to swedish webpage).


Stainless steel interior

Robust and useful products.

Our range of products includes worktops, cabinets, shelfs and more for e.g. hospitals, schools and mass caterers. 

To Stainless steel interior (link to swedish webpage).


Contract manufacturing

As a sub-supplier, we always have to show our worth.

When you come to Furhoffs with your drawing or design, we pool the combined strength of our resources to find the very best solution to meet your needs.
Our team of production engineers carefully study the requirements your RFQ demands. They are experts in manufacturing in stainless steel and know how to adapt production to achieve the very best results.

Our basic approach is that everything is possible.

To Furhoffs Contract Manufacturing.


Stainless steel worktops for household usage

A custom made worktop for your new kitchen!

To Stainless steel worktops (link to swedish webpage).